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Picture Library - Dorset

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This section of the site contains a selection of images from the Society's extensive collection. Click on the thumbnail image to view a larger version of the picture.

Section 1: General

Furzebrook Works c1960

Furzbrook Works c1975

Core drilling in the 1950s

Excerpts from BBC documentary of the early 1960s

Click above to see the above video - Length 21 minutes

Section 2: Production - Open Pits

Povington Pit c1955

Working methods in Povington Pit c1960

Pneumatic spades in Povington Pit c1970

Loading the bucket in Povington Pit c1953

Arrival of Hydraulic excavator Povington Pit c1970

Povington Pit - May 1982

Section 3. Production - Underground Mines

Headgear of Cotness shaft mine c1950

Entrance to Creech Barrow Adit Mine c1956

Main Drive - Creech Barrow Adit Mine - c1956


Dorset underground mine in the 1950s

Pike Fayle underground mine in the 1950s

Driving Creech Barrow Main Drive - Early 1950's

4. Applications
5. Transport
a. Narrow Guage Rail

Last stage of the Pike system Loading British Rail wagons at Furzbrook in the mid 1950s

Steam loco "Secundas" used by Pike Brothers from 1874 to 1953 and now preserved.







6. People






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